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Powering the speed and agility of the customer-centric, digital enterprise

For IT organizations focused on managing and delivering applications and services at the speed of business, the TrueSight portfolio of products offers unprecedented visibility into performance and utilization of the IT resources that fuel your digital services.

Digital service assurance starts here

TrueSight Intelligence

TrueSight Intelligence ›

TrueSight Intelligence is a cloud-based big data analytics platform that scales to discover, organize, and analyze high volumes of volatile IT operations, service, and business data, in real-time, to meet the demands of web-scale IT. Complete and accurate analysis empowers fast, data-driven decisions that support continuous digital service improvement and innovation.

TrueSight Pulse

TrueSight Pulse ›

TrueSight Pulse is a real-time SaaS monitoring and alerting solution that keeps high-speed applications and underlying infrastructure running. Monitoring performance and availability every second of every day empowers IT operations and DevOps users to monitor the fluid demands of their digital environment.

TrueSight Capacity Optimization

TrueSight Capacity Optimization ›

TrueSight Capacity Optimization is a capacity management solution that aligns IT resources, including Hadoop infrastructures, with service demands, resulting in on-time service delivery and optimized costs. With views of the entire IT infrastructure – from power and network to physical, virtual and cloud services – you can easily add, remove or adjust compute, storage, network and other IT resources as application and service demands change.

TrueSight Operations Management

TrueSight Operations Management ›

TrueSight Operations Management is a performance and availability management solution that goes beyond mere monitoring to handle complex IT environments and diverse data streams to deliver actionable IT insight that help resolve issues before they impact the business. It examines operational norms, automatically reveals abnormalities, measures service impact, and proactively identifies risk to ensure applications and services keep running.

The TrueSight difference

TrueSight enables you to have the speed and agility needed to create competitive differentiation in digital services.

  • TrueSight simplifies your complex, digital service reality through data-centric, actionable intelligence.
  • TrueSight modernizes IT operations through broad vendor-agnostic support for the diverse, dynamic, fast-evolving IT environment.
  • TrueSight creates IT-business synergy through a single, contextualized perspective of the IT operations environment.
  • TrueSight improves service quality through the fast identification, isolation, prioritization, and resolution of business-impacting issues.
  • TrueSight optimizes spend and resources through efficient resource planning and utilization.

Video: SEI leverages TrueSight to manage $670 billion in assets (2:20)

SEI is improving service performance and availability with TrueSight Operations Management.

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Find more TrueSight tools that put you in the driver’s seat

TrueSight AppVisibility

TrueSight AppVisibility is an application performance management suite that monitors and manages packaged, mobile web, web-based and modern application ecosystems, from the infrastructure and code to the customer experience.

TrueSight Middleware Management

TrueSight Middleware Management solutions stop potential middleware problems before they can cause disruptions, with real-time monitoring, easy object administration, and thorough transaction tracing.

“By bringing performance, availability and analytics together in one well integrated, user-friendly platform, BMC is offering IT customers the ability to better optimize application services for business and end-user value."

— Dennis Drogseth, Vice President, Enterprise Management Associates

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