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The EU General Data Protection Regulation affects every company with customers in the European Union. A key part of the regulation is making sure your mainframe data is secure and recoverable in a timely manner. BMC’s data management solutions help you achieve and demonstrate compliance with GDPR.

Transform Database Recovery and Comply with GDPR
Transform Database Recovery and Comply with GDPR

Learn how to prepare for the recovery demands of Europe’s General Data Protection Regulation

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We can help assess your mainframes’ readiness for recovery under GDPR

Ensure the integrity of your data - always

Validate unstructured data automatically and ensure stored data is intact

Data Integrity

The explosion of new applications saving unstructured data as LOBs, such as photographs and voice recordings, can introduce risks to your Db2 system and requires special maintenance. With BMC’s LOBMaster for Db2 you can manage and validate unstructured data automatically to ensure the stored data is intact and complies with GDPR.

  • Check the integrity of your unstructured data as well as your structured data
  • Automatically find LOB errors, missing LOBs, and LOB orphans
  • Perform checks of your data integrity, validating table spaces, indexes, and column data
  • Verify physical and logical database pointers during image copy and recovery processes

Automate and simplify recovery tasks

Data Recovery

BMC recovery utilities offer high-speed, low-impact options for creating -consistent backups, and automatically build recovery processes to handle even the most complex applications. Intelligent estimation gives you awareness of how long recovery actions will take to complete.

  • Perform recovery tasks for multiple databases simultaneously, while automatically checking for and resolving errors
  • Confidently answer the question, “When will this be done?” with estimates of recovery times for sets of objects
  • Restart failed batch processes
  • Back out database changes, recover from a point-in-time, or recover into a new table space with online data migration
  • Automatically build the SQL you need to perform recovery tasks using Db2 log information

Proving compliance is an ongoing process

Ongoing Compliance

Just because you’re compliant one month does not necessarily mean you will meet compliance the next. You need a repeatable process to keep testing compliance when the database changes, the application changes, or the way your customers are using your system changes. Recovery estimation is a unique feature of BMC’s recovery solutions for Db2, helping you prove that everything is fine, or find out if there are potential problems.

  • Simulate and estimate disaster recovery scenarios to plan for resource needs
  • Check your compliance status on an ongoing basis
  • Provide estimates of recovery times for sets of objects
  • Perform the steps of a recovery without all the effort of a full recovery test
  • View the estimation output in an easy to use graphical UI

Are you ready for GDPR?

“While their current systems and processes may be suitable under today's legislation, it is likely that not all of them will stand up under the EU GDPR.”

Source: SC Magazine UK – March 10 2016, Max Metzger
92% of US CIOs consider compliance with GDPR a top priority
90% of CIOS worldwide think that the reforms will leave them exposed
69% of CIOs have concerns about recovery
Sources: PWC January 23rd 2017; SC Magazine UK – March 10 2016; BMC 2017 Mainframe Survey

Make sure your mainframe is ready for GDPR