Technology Alliance Program FAQ

Technology Alliance Program (TAP) provides a diverse set of benefits for technology companies seeking to integrate their solutions with BMC Software. Find answers to the most frequently asked questions regarding TAP.

TAP overview


Question Answer
What is the definition of BMC Technology Alliance Program (TAP)? TAP is the umbrella organization within BMC Software that is comprised of several programs that allow third-party organizations to design, market, and sell products and integrations aligned with BMC Software solutions. TAP offers SDKs, marketing tools, and validation programs, allowing our partners to produce high-quality, integrated solutions to meet the needs of our shared customers.
What types of companies join TAP? TAP partners include technology providers, ISVs, and VARs with new, existing, or complementary products that broaden the BMC ecosystem of solutions and widen the market reach for both BMC and partners. 
What is the cost to join TAP? The Annual Program Fee for participation in TAP is $6000.
How does a technology provider become a TAP partner? BMC Software encourages technology providers to apply for membership to TAP. To supply the necessary information required for admission into the program, applicants must submit a program application, providing sufficient detail concerning their proposed integrations or complementary product ideas within the application.
What is involved in the application process? TAP applications are reviewed by a cross-functional team within BMC to determine the business synergies relating to the proposed alliance. Within seven business days, BMC provides an initial review of TAP applications and sends either a preliminary email status on the application or a request for more information. Upon acceptance into TAP, applicants receive the TAP Agreement for review and signature. A TAP program manager contacts the applicant to discuss program benefits and to address any issues or questions about TAP or the TAP Agreement. Within a few days of receiving the signed TAP Agreement and the program payment, BMC enables the new partner's access to TAP benefits, including software and licenses. See the TAP application process document on the Technology Alliance Program (TAP) community for more information about joining TAP, the TAP application process, and the process timeline.
How is TAP membership renewed? Renewal notices are sent to the primary contact listed on the partner account prior to program expiration. 
What happens if membership is canceled? If TAP membership is canceled, all provided licenses become invalid and unavailable. Listings in the Technology Alliances Directory and the TAP Partner Product Directory are removed. Advertising within BMC Communities is discontinued, and all TAP benefits are canceled. 
What is the process for getting products validated? Every TAP partner has the opportunity to submit a request for validation, which increases the marketability of the partner's solution. The first step toward validation is to document the integration in an online integration note (iNote), which is a dual-purpose marketing and technical document that covers the benefits, requirements, contacts, procedures, and other details of the integration. Once the iNote has been tested, the partner receives a validated listing in the TAP Partner Product Directory, and the iNote is prepared and becomes available for customers and BMC sales personnel to download. Partners receive a lead with a valid email contact for each iNote that has been downloaded. The validation process varies based on the BMC product that integrates with the partner's solution. Contact for details and the appropriate iNote template.
Is TAP membership required to have a validated solution? TAP Validation is limited to Technology Alliance Program partners.
What kind of development support is available to TAP partners? Partners can download the latest software, along with two or more of the previous versions from the BMC Support site. The support site is also the source for all patches and product documentation files, including release notes, white papers, and technical bulletins. Partners receive additional support and coaching from BMC developers to support the integration process. Developer support can range from determining the correct BMC products to download to setting up a development environment.
What are the marketing benefits of TAP membership? TAP partners receive developer resources, integration support, and marketing benefits, including free listings in the Technology Alliances Directory and the TAP Partner Product Directory, located in the publicly accessible BMC Communities. Additional benefits include the use of TAP partner endorsement logos, communications support, and access to marketing toolkit templates and resources designed to raise awareness of integrated solutions.
How are BMC Software licenses provided? To obtain a license for any BMC Software product, the partner must be in good standing and must have met all of the requirements of their membership. Licenses are issued for testing, development, and demonstration purposes only and are not intended for internal production or distribution.
How are new licenses, upgrades, and patches provided? All BMC Software is accessible for downloading through the BMC Support site. The support site is also the source for all patches and product documentation files, including release notes, white papers, and technical bulletins.
How does a joint customer learn about BMC TAP partner solutions? The Technology Alliances Directory and the TAP Partner Product Directory, located within the BMC Communities, attract thousands of highly targeted users of BMC solutions interested in integrations, services, and other complementary solutions. TAP partners use their free listings to spotlight their BMC affiliation to a global community of customers, partners, and sales representatives. A TAP partner, with either validated or non-validated solutions, can showcase the integration along with a profile of the company, contact information, and a description of products and services. Validated listings are displayed with the TAP Validated logo, and partners with validated solutions receive leads from iNote downloads. Partners can also post news and events related to their BMC integration in the public Technology Alliance Program (TAP) community. 
Are discounts available for BMC training? TAP offers partners a 30% discount on courses from the BMC Education Services department.